D-RHEXX – Cohesive viscoelastic, 2% sodium hyaluronate

High cohesive viscoelastic solution for anterior segment surgery.


D-RHEXX offers the most effective anterior chamber stabilization thanks to its biomechanical properties.

– Great for maintaining space and tissue in place
– Helps to open and maintain the pupila
– Excellent for flattening the anterior capsule and deepening the anterior chamber to facilitate capsulorrhexis creation
– Deeply open an empty capsular bag for IOL implantation
– Allows to open the irido-corneal angle to facilitate the introduction of scissors to cut synechias or begin the capsulorhexis
– Very good endothelial protection and lubrication
– Haemostatic
– Goes against the vitreous pressure in case of capsular tear
– Easily removed at the end of the case thanks to its long chain structure


– Optimal guarantee of a constant quality and security
– 2% sodium hyaluronate
– 1.0 ml sterile single use syringe and bent cannula
– Box with 5 syringes and 5 cannulas
– Store between 2-8 deg C in a dry place