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X Blue – Trypan blue staining solution

Staining solution for cataract surgery

Facilitates the capsulorhexis during the cataract surgery:
– Excellent visualization of capsulorhexis in eyes with mature cataract and narrow pupils
– Clear outline of the capsulorhexis rim during the surgery
– Reduce risk of complications due to incomplete capsulorhexis
– Visualization of the leading edge of a lost capsulorhexis

1 ml vial
For intraocular use only


– 0.6% Trypan blue
– Store at room temperature

How to use it :
Inject Bio-Blue in the bag. The absence of the Bowmann membrane on the dog in comparison with human beings means a different way of using Bio-Blue during the cataract surgery.

Fill in the anterior chamber with D-Visx and after having lift a small part of the capsula, use Bio-Blue to make the hydrolysis of the nucleus. The bag becomes completely blue, the ambiance is monochromatic.

The user can therefore make the capsulorhexis in excellent conditions of visualization of the relief.